Budget hostels, beachfront villas, furnished apartments, to five-star hotels - Ecuador has it all. Whether you're a backpacker on a shoe-string budget or you desire rock-star pampering, you'll find your home away from home.

We offer several accommodation options that are always conveniently close to our schools. Our partners understand our students' needs and have nurtured their environments to be amenable to those serious about studying Spanish yet also having a great time in a relaxed setting.

Student Apartments

Our fully furnished student apartments, always very close to the school and often on the floor above the school, is the perfect option for those who prefer to mingle with other students and cook their own food. Cable tv and wireless internet is also regarded highly by those who have enjoyed their stays with us in these dwellings.

Family Stays

A family stay is one of the more popular accommodation options for our students as they are able to fully immerse themselves in Spanish staying in the homes of our partner families. The home-cooked meals, laundry service, and deep integration and lasting relationships with the residents and culture of Ecuador are most compelling reason to choose this option for your stay with us in Ecuador.


Being so popular with backpackers from around the world, Ecuador is teaming has many great Hostels catering to this group. We can recommend some of the better quality hostels that are closest to our schools.


For shorter durations, many prefer the comfort of a nice hotel to really enjoy their stay. We can recommend the best hotels of various qualities that are closest to our schools.


Ecuador's slice of the Pacific coast of South America is arguably the most beautiful. The water is warm, the beaches are inviting, and the sun smiles on the coast. We can help you arrange beachfront villas, hosterias, or hotels that are close to our schools.