Ecuador is brimming with things to see and do. See breaching whales practicing their mating dance at Isla de la Plata, the sun from it's closest point to the earth climbing the highest mountain in the western hemisphere at Volcán Chimborazo, and playful dolphins as you learn to surf epic waves on the coast of Manabí.

Describing just the tip of the iceberg of things to see and do in Ecuador is beyond the scope of just one website. But we can guide you to some of the best and our Tour experts can fill in the details for you.

Sightseeing Ecuador

In Ecuador, almost any place you go has remarkable sights that are very unique to Ecuador. This small country hosts the highest summits of the Andes, active volcanoes, the Amazon jungle, the most beautiful section of Pacific South American coast, the famous Galapagos islands, rich indigenous culture, vast colonial architecture, and biodiversity beyond imagination.  With an indication of your interests through our Enroll form, our Tour designers can recommend an itinerary perfectly suited to you.


Opportunities for trekking (hiking or backpacking) in Ecuador are virtually endless: vast exotic national parks, the cloud forests of Mindo, the three-day trek on the Inca trail to Ingapirca, the Lagunas near Otavalo, the beautiful countrysides around Vilcabamba and rugged beauty of Baños all make Ecuador a hiker's paradise.


This fantastic new sport is practiced in Manta, Ecuador where the wind conditions are perfect for experts and beginners alike.  The sport involves a rider skimming across water on a surf-style board powered by nothing more than a kite harnessing the strength of the wind. It is safe, fun, and easy for everyone of all ages.


Ecuador has some great waves to surf if you know where to go and our surf instructors seem to know where to go and when. The best barrels arrive in January and February but the riding is decent November through April. For beginners, the season is even longer since it is easier to learn on a smaller wave.

Mountain biking

Ride the slopes of some of the largest Andean mountains and volcanoes or careen about the rolling streets of Quito's historical center during Ciclopaseo or tour the beautiful countryside around Baños.


Free as a bird, you can glide the dry cliffs near Crucita which is considered one of the best places in the world to practice the sport where you can ride thermal drafts like an eagle.


Ecuador is a climber's paradise with many peaks breaching 5000m, all within a one-hundred mile radius. For the fit but not neccessarily experienced climbers, reaching a summit that is the closest point on earth to the sun is a life-changing experience.