Ecuador is one of the more economical countries you can visit in Latin America. It is not unusual to find a hearty breakfast like encebollado for less than a US dollar or three-course running lunch with a fresh juice for less than two US dollars.

Ecuadorians also enjoy lower prices for gas so, for example, you can take a clean and new taxi throughout the city of Manta for the price of only one US dollar or rent a room in a fully furnished apartment for only seventy US dollars per week. While these low prices do not extend to imported goods, they have contributed to a low cost of living in this beautiful country.

And, since Ecuador standardized the US dollar as their currency several years ago, foreign travelers find it very easy to gauge good deals for anything they buy.

Likewise, our prices reflect the lower cost of living here and are offered in US dollars. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

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