Manta A jewel on the crown of the "Ruta del Sol", sunny Manta is a popular tourist destination amongst the Ecuadorians who appreciate the city for more than it's appeal of sun and sand.

The metropolitan city of Manta also happens to be situated conveniently close to many exciting activities, engaging natural sights, and neighboring towns teaming with culture.

Quito Nestled in the spectacular Andean valley and fringed by volcanic peaks, Quito maintains the political and cultural pulse of the nation. It's historical center is a vast labyrinth of colonial majesty and a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1978.

The 'old town' has recently undergone a massive restoration that has returned buildings, churches, and historic theaters to their former glory...

To the north, the 'new town' is a vibrant and bustling city with world-class hotels, restaurants, the famous 'La Mariscal Sucre' neighborhood so popular with international travelers.

Cuenca Like Quito, Ecuador's third-largest city (Cuenca) boasts an unrivaled colonial beauty (honored by Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site) and a world-class modern edge with international restaurants, hotels, cafés, and bars.

The city has a large student population and is very popular with foreigners, especially those studying the Spanish language...

Montañita Good surfing, a relaxed hippy atmosphere, and long beach keep this little dirt-road town teaming with travelers for much of the year.

If nightlife, full-moon parties, and a laid-back vibe is what you're looking for, it is in endless supply here. Fill up your days with surf lessons and learning Spanish.

If you already know how to surf, you should know that the waves are best for experienced surfers from December through April.