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Nowhere else on earth can you find such a vast array of natural diversity, culture, and interesting activities in a country as small as Ecuador – making it all so accessible.


Explore Ecuador and enhance your skills with our diverse programs: Traveling Spanish Classroom, Medical Spanish, Kitesurfing, Surfing, and Volunteer.


Ecuador’s diverse activities await, from sightseeing to trekking, kitesurfing, surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, and mountaineering.


Discover diverse accommodation options in Ecuador, from budget hostels to beachfront villas, catering to every traveler’s needs.

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Enchanting Ecuador

Create lifelong memories in Ecuador, where culture, nature, and adventure await.

With it’s rich culture and friendly people, Ecuador is the perfect place to study Spanish, experience the old-world and absorb rich indigenous heritage, contemplate stunning vistas, marvel at the myriad of exotic wildlife and tropical plants, savor unique cuisine, relax into leisure day-time activities or feel the rush of extreme sports, embrace a festive nightlife, make new friends, and just have a great time. 

Memories of Ecuador are those that are cherished for a lifetime.

Our Programs

Embark on Your Spanish Language Journey with Learning Spanish in Ecuador Programs.

Traveling Spanish Classroom

What better way is there to explore Ecuador and learn Spanish than by traveling with your professor? Our group lessons encompass twenty immersive hours per week, spanning a four-week duration, allowing you to delve into some of the most captivating locations that Ecuador has to offer.

Ecuador Medical Spanish Program

Medical Spanish

For aspiring medical students and healthcare professionals, this comprehensive course goes the extra mile, providing daily hands-on clinical rotations and specialized classes meticulously tailored to enhance your proficiency in medical vocabulary and concepts, ensuring you're well-prepared for your future in healthcare.

Learn Spanish Kitesurf

Learn Spanish & Kitesurf in Ecuador

Kitesurfing is a fantastic new sport that allows the rider to edge the water on a surf or wake-style board powered solely by the wind. It safe, easy, and fun for all ages. Courses are two hours daily with personalized instruction from professional IKO instructors. All equipment is provided and transportation is included.

Learn Spanish Surf Ecuador

Learn Spanish & Surf in Ecuador

Learn to surf on some of the most amenable waves on the Pacific coast. Classes are two hours daily through the surfing season - you'll learn with professional instructors, have a great time, and get in shape quickly. All equipment is provided and the classes include transportation (when required) to some of the best waves you can find in Ecuador.

Learn Spanish and Volunteer in Ecuador

Learn Spanish & Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to learn about the world and yourself. Our program consists of a stay on a rural Organic farm where you will learn the practise of organic farming and Spanish in an immersed environment. You will enjoy Ecuadorian cuisine with organic foods produced on the farm a make new friends with similar interests.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Begin Creating Your Future Memories Here.

Ecuador is a popular country in which to study Spanish as Ecuadorians are generally regarded as fine speakers of the language. Indeed, with so many foreigners travelling to Ecuador with the intent to learn Spanish, many Ecuadorians have come to sympathize with and extend a modicum of patience to new learners of the language.

You will find Ecuadorians, particularly those near our Spanish schools, are eager to chat and yielding to new learners struggling with their first conversations.

Best Destinations

Among the 'Best Destinations' for Spanish learning, Ecuador is renowned for its patient, fluent-speaking locals, making it a top choice for language learners.

Professional Guides

Ecuador's language proficiency and welcoming attitude make it a prime choice for Spanish learners. Local support and patience from Ecuadorians facilitate the language journey.

Affordable Price

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Ecuador Activities

Ecuador: Where Adventure Awaits.

Ecuador is brimming with things to see and do. See breaching whales practicing their mating dance at Isla de la Plata, the sun from it's closest point to the earth climbing the highest mountain in the western hemisphere at Volcán Chimborazo, and playful dolphins as you learn to surf epic waves on the coast of Manabí.

Describing just the tip of the iceberg of things to see and do in Ecuador is beyond the scope of just one website. But we can guide you to some of the best and our Tour experts can fill in the details for you.

Sightseeing Ecuador

Sightseeing Ecuador

In Ecuador, almost any place you go has remarkable sights that are very unique to Ecuador. This small country hosts the highest summits of the Andes, active volcanoes, the Amazon jungle, the most beautiful section of Pacific South American coast, the famous Galapagos islands, rich indigenous culture, vast colonial architecture, and biodiversity beyond imagination.  With an indication of your interests through our Enroll form, our Tour experts can recommend an itinerary perfectly suited to you.

Ecuador Treking & Learn Spanish

Trekking in Ecuador

Ecuador offers a multitude of opportunities for trekking, making it a true haven for hiking and backpacking enthusiasts. With its expansive national parks, the enchanting cloud forests of Mindo, the awe-inspiring three-day Inca trail to Ingapirca, the serene Lagunas near Otavalo, the picturesque countryside surrounding Vilcabamba, and the rugged, breathtaking landscapes of Baños, this diverse country beckons hikers to explore its boundless natural beauty.

Kitesurfing in Ecuador

Explore the enchanting coastal city of Manta, Ecuador, and you’ll uncover the ultimate destination for an electrifying water sport. Kiteboarding, set against the backdrop of excellent wind conditions catering to both beginners and experts, entices riders to deftly maneuver a surf-style board, propelled by the wind harnessed through a kite harness. This accessible, safe, and incredibly fun activity is a perfect choice for individuals of all ages seeking an unforgettable experience.

Ecuador Surfing Montañita Spanish Learning

Surfing in Ecuador

Ecuador has some great waves to surf if you know where to go and our surf instructors seem to know where to go and when. The best barrels arrive in January and February but the riding is decent November through April. For beginners, the season is even longer since it is easier to learn on a smaller wave.

Ecuador Mountain Biking Learn spanish

Ecuador Mountain biking

Embark on exhilarating adventures by riding the slopes of some of the largest Andean mountains and volcanoes, or navigate the winding streets of Quito’s historic center during Ciclopaseo. You can also explore the picturesque countryside surrounding Baños, making Ecuador a haven for those seeking diverse and thrilling outdoor experiences.

Paragliding Ecuador

Paragliding in Ecuador

Experience the unbridled thrill of freedom as you gracefully soar above the captivating dry cliffs near Crucita. This picturesque destination is renowned globally as one of the premier spots for this exhilarating sport, granting you the unique opportunity to ride thermal drafts, mirroring the majestic flight of an eagle. An extraordinary adventure that promises to be truly unforgettable.

Ecuador Mountainering

Mountaineering & Climbing

Ecuador is a climber’s paradise with many peaks breaching 5000m, all within a one-hundred mile radius. For the fit but not neccessarily experienced climbers, reaching a summit that is the closest point on earth to the sun is a life-changing experience.

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Budget hostels, beachfront villas, furnished apartments, to five-star hotels - Ecuador has it all. Whether you're a backpacker on a shoe-string budget or you desire rock-star pampering, you'll find your home away from home.

We offer several accommodation options that are always conveniently close to our schools. Our partners understand our students' needs and have nurtured their environments to be amenable to those serious about studying Spanish yet also having a great time in a relaxed setting.

Student Apartments

Our fully furnished student apartments, always very close to the school and often on the floor above the school, is the perfect option for those who prefer to mingle with other students and cook their own food. Cable tv and wireless internet is also regarded highly by those who have enjoyed their stays with us in these dwellings.

Family Stays

A family stay is one of the more popular accommodation options for our students as they are able to fully immerse themselves in Spanish staying in the homes of our partner families. The home-cooked meals, laundry service, and deep integration and lasting relationships with the residents and culture of Ecuador are most compelling reason to choose this option for your stay with us in Ecuador.


Being so popular with backpackers from around the world, Ecuador is teaming has many great Hostels catering to this group. We can recommend some of the better quality hostels that are closest to our schools.


For shorter durations, many prefer the comfort of a nice hotel to really enjoy their stay. We can recommend the best hotels of various qualities that are closest to our schools.


Ecuador’s slice of the Pacific coast of South America is arguably the most beautiful. The water is warm, the beaches are inviting, and the sun smiles on the coast. We can help you arrange beachfront villas, hosterias, or hotels that are close to our schools.

Spanish Schools

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A jewel on the crown of the “Ruta del Sol”, sunny Manta is a popular tourist destination amongst the Ecuadorians who appreciate the city for more than it’s appeal of sun and sand.

The metropolitan city of Manta also happens to be situated conveniently close to many exciting activities, engaging natural sights, and neighboring towns teaming with culture.


Nestled in the spectacular Andean valley and fringed by volcanic peaks, Quito maintains the political and cultural pulse of the nation. It’s historical center is a vast labyrinth of colonial majesty and a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1978.

The ‘old town’ has recently undergone a massive restoration that has returned buildings, churches, and historic theaters to their former glory…

To the north, the ‘new town’ is a vibrant and bustling city with world-class hotels, restaurants, the famous ‘La Mariscal Sucre’ neighborhood so popular with international travelers.


Like Quito, Ecuador’s third-largest city (Cuenca) boasts an unrivaled colonial beauty (honored by Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site) and a world-class modern edge with international restaurants, hotels, cafés, and bars.

The city has a large student population and is very popular with foreigners, especially those studying the Spanish language…


Good surfing, a relaxed hippy atmosphere, and long beach keep this little dirt-road town teaming with travelers for much of the year.

If nightlife, full-moon parties, and a laid-back vibe is what you’re looking for, it is in endless supply here. Fill up your days with surf lessons and learning Spanish.

If you already know how to surf, you should know that the waves are best for experienced surfers from December through April.

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"Experience tourism these are as education in themselves"

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"Experience tourism these are as education in themselves"

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"Experience tourism these are as education in themselves"

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